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Kalo Hair Inhibitor Cream Gets Rid Of Genital Hair

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Kalo Hair Inhibitor Cream is the ideal way to get rid of unwanted body hair in the genital areas. Many men and women now regularly remove genital hair, either through waxing, sugaring, or shaving. Some may decide to book in to a salon and have Brazilian waxing carried out by a professional.

Whatever the case, Kalo hair inhibitor cream is the ideal partner for genital hair removal. Why? Removing hair in this part of the body can be quite painful. Obviously the less number of times it has to be done the better. This is where Kalo comes in.Kalo Hair Inhibitor Cream

When hair is removed by the root, as with waxing, sugaring, or tweezing, the hair follicle is left empty. By rubbing Kalo cream into the skin the walls of the hair follicle becomed lined with the sulphur reducing ingredients in the Kalo solution. Sulphur is a key component in the hair growth cycle. By preventing sulphur from forming, Kalo is able to retard the development of new hair.

After removing hair using your normal method, rub in Kalo hair inhibitor cream three times during that day. Wait for it to dry before applying again. Then the next day repeat the process and that's it. You will notice a 10 to 15% reduction in hair growth before the next hair removal session.

Kalo goes to work weakening the hair so the hair that returns will be finer, softer, and have less color. Gradually the hair growth stops altogether.

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Kalo Hair Inhibitor Cream Just Makes Sense!

You can see how this can save you time, energy, and money! If you go regularly for a Brazilian wax at a salon, it makes sense to follow up immediately with Kalo hair inhibitor cream. After a few months most of your hair regrowth will be gone and you will not need hair removal sessions nearly as often. With some clients the hair growth stops completely, for good.

Of course, everyone is different and as this is a natural product, using plant enzymes, the results will vary from person to person. For this reason Kalo hair inhibitor products carry a no questions asked, no time limit, full money refund guarantee. As the refund rate is less than 1% you can see that for the vast majority of users, Kalo cream does a good job of reducing or eliminating unwanted body hair growth.

A word on shaving. Many shave the genital areas. In fact, there are Personal Shavers on the market specially designed for this purpose. They minimize skin irritation and make genital hair shaving so much easier and more comfortable. Will Kalo lotion work with this method?Kalo Cream

While Kalo hair inhibitor cream works best when the hair shaft and bulb are removed from the hair follicle as with waxing, sugaring and tweezing, Kalo cream can still have an effect when used immediately after shaving. The solution can still go down the hair shaft and the sulphur reducers can do their work.

A little more patience may be necessary and the results may take a little longer when used with shaving but still Kalo hair lotion reduces hair growth so you don't have to shave so often. And it's all done naturally and safely with no harsh effects on the skin!

So if you are in the habit of removing genital hair, minimize the time and effort you spend by always following up with Kalo hair inhibitor cream - it just makes sense!

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